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Club Lávvu: DJ AILO

Young and aspiring DJ Ailo will bust the beats in the DJ-booth on Saturday.  DJ Ailo is a 17 year old lulesami DJ and…

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Duolva Duottar

The Sami rapcore band Duolva Duottar from Kautokeino has built a strong reputation since they began playing together in…

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ISÁK is made by Sámi Grand Prix winner, 19 year old Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen. Together with producer Daniel Eriksen and…

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The Tromsø born artist DAGNY is Norways new pop sensation. When her singel «backbeat» was released in the fall of 2015…

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Johan Anders Bær & Dronefolket

Johan Anders Bær, from Karasjok and Magerøya has his roots planted in the traditional joik. He is also among the…

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Club Lávvu: Aku Matu

What would a polar bear say if he could rap?  What about a bowhead whale, or a caribou?  Join hip-hop artist AKU-MATU…

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Ailu valle feat. Elle-Márjá

With political texts and a remarkable vocal technique, the Finnish rapper Ailu Valle has made a name. He raps about how…

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OKA has cancelled their Europe- and Canada tour due to sickness, and will unfortunately not be playing in Gávoutna/…

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ÁGY, the shooting star from Nordreisa, is back with a new musical persona and has entered the r&b universe. ÁGY…

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Radik Tyulyush & the Chalama Project

Radik Tyulyush is from Tuva, a Russian republic between Sibiria and Mongolia. Tuva is particularily known to the…

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We are pleased to invite you to a unpretentious jam session at the small stage Friday 14th of july. The stage is rigged…

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Ondt blod

«Ondt blod» is a hardcore quintet, where four out of five members has backgrounds from the upper most county of Norway…

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Indian agent

Indian Agent is a musical cooperation between artists and musicians Yéil Ya-Tseen (Nicholas Galanin), OCnotes (Otis…

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Mette Henriette

The composer, jazz musician and saxophone player Mette Henriette will compose this year’s commissioned concert for the…

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