Club Lávvu: DJ AILO


Young and aspiring DJ Ailo will bust the beats in the DJ-booth on Saturday.  DJ Ailo is a 17 year old lulesami DJ and music producer from Tysfjord, who now resides in Gällivare in Sweden. He is passionate about making fierce new music in tune with the Sami culture. DJ Ailo has producer several tracks and collaborated with other Sami artists. EDM and House is his favorite genres, and that is evident in his own music. Ailo has been called both "Sápmis Avicci" and "Sápmi´s new shooting star" and says himself that; “I want to bring forth the Sami culture and use it in my music. There are very few people producing Sami electronic music today, and I aim to change that”. 

In cooperation with Idja Club.



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