About Riddu Riđđu

Riddu Riđđu Festival is an international indigenous festival, which annually takes place in Kåfjord in Norway. The festival has programs for the whole family. The program includes worldwide indigenous music, art, theater and dance, youth camps with artistic and political workshops, children's festival, seminars, film and literature.

Riddu Riđđu Festivála AS (RRFAS) was established 01/01/2010 and has since then been responsible for the operation of the Riddu Riđđu Festival. The mission of the Riddu Riđđu Festivála AS is to promote and develop the Sami coastal culture. The company has no commercial purposes.


Kåfjord 1991: Some youths gather at a barbecue. They talk about identity and their roots. Why is being Saami connected to shame? Why is our Saami background not spoken about, even though Saami was the mother tounge of our grandparents?

The youth felt that this hidden identity was something they couldn’t continue to live with, they decided to rather be proud of their Sea Saami background. Through music and culture they wished to turn shame into pride. The Riddu Riđđu festival was thus started.

The youth met much resistance. Road signs with Saami names were fired at, the youth working for the festival were laughed at, spit on and poured beer over. Families were split because some in the family recognized their Saami heritage while others denied it.

But the youth didn’t give up, the festival grew in breadth and scope. The resistance against the Saami became less and less agressive. They received support and recognition from local authorities, the public and artists. Several began using the traditional Saami dress and learn the Saami language. In 2009 they also received national recognition when Riddu Riđđu, as one of 12 festivals in Norway, received status as a hub festival, which made it a fixed item on the state budg