Riddu Riđđu Festivála aims to encourage artistic development amongst young Sámi artists and create a platform for them to reach national and international audience.

The long-standing collaboration between Riddu Riđđu Festivála and Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF) continues when the latter takes places 16-21. January.

Riddu Riđđu invites Indigenous filmmakers to send films for consideration for our film programme. Both fiction and documentaries can be sent, but cannot be longer than 30 min.

The award-winning group with roots in Storfjord have made a name for themselves for their sweaty dance parties with rocket high energy levels. After 10 years as audience favourites, the pop rock band Resirkulert embarks on its farewell tour in 2023.

An otherwise winter-quiet Riddu plain comes to life when representatives from the international music industry come to visit for an introduction to the Sámi art scene.

Riddu Riđđu is Europe's largest Indigenous Peoples festival and has big plans for its audience in 2023. Umesámi Katarina Barruk has made a name for herself as an artist far beyond Sápmi's borders with her atmospheric pop music. She has also played for Riddu Riđđu's audience several times.

Just hours ago, there was a crazy atmosphere on the main stage of Riddu Riđđu in Manndalen. Today, Europe's largest international Indigenous festival opens ticket sales for 2023, and at the same time announces the first big name on next year's poster.

Today Riddu Riđđu announces two exciting names for this summer's festival. Sea Sámi electronica artist Niilas and the Finnmark band Pil & Bue will play on the main stage.

There will be both humor and a sense of seriousness at Riddu Riđđu Festivála this summer. Stand-up success Reaškkas returns and there will be a premiere of a commissioned artistic performance where Mayan culture and Sámi culture meet.

Today, Riddu Riđđu reveals this summer's program. After two years of alternative events and a scaled-down festival, the Indigenous festival is ready for a full festival again - it involves both famous artists and newcomers.

11. 04.2022

Riddu Riđđu and the Center of Northern Peoples will present the inaugural Buošši Award at this year’s festival to recognize an individual, team, or organization who has incr

Riddu Riđđu brings young Sámi

Riddu Riđđu invites Indigenous filmmakers to send films for consideration for our film programme.

Riddu Riđđu has hired Sajje Solbakk (24) as the new festival director. She is entering a four-year tenure at the Indigenous festival in Kåfjord.

Sea Sámi Márjá Karlsen is 23 years old and grew up in Tromsø. She was not brought up in a Sámi culture but has taken it back with duodji being her most important tool.


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