A lot has happened lately and the coronavirus has a huge impact on our daily lives. Life and health are most important, but we also know that many people in the arts are struggling now.

This conference focuses on the peak of Euro-American imperialism in the Western Arctic between about 1789 and 1914. By putting perspectives and experiences of marginalized beings in the centre, we look at the possibilities of rewriting the dominant history of this time period.

At Riddu Riđđu everyone should have a good time; both the little ones and the grown-ups!  

Each year, Riddu Riđđu invites an indigenous people to the festival, as The Northern People of the Year. The festival finds it important to create meeting places for indigenous people and to give indigenous people a platform from which they can tell their own stories.

Are you between 15 and 25 years old and want to meet other indigenous youth? Do you want to learn more about yoik and protest art? Want to see cool concerts? - Join Riddu Nuorat, Riddu Riđđu's own youth program!

Now you can apply for a marketplace on the Riddu market in 2019!

We do not want to sell mass-produced goods on our market, our market has a clear Sami and indigenous profile with crafts, duodjii of various kinds.

The press is most welcome to the Riddu Riđđu festival! Now you can apply for accreditation for this year's festival.

More info and application form HERE.


Wiyaala, which means “the doer” in her local Sissala dialect, is from Funsi, an African village in the Upper West Region of Ghana close to the borders of Burkina Faso and Cote D’Ivoire.

The Riddu Riđđu festival has brought together three generations of female indigenous stars: Buffy Sainte-Marie, Tanya Tagaq and Maxida Märak. Together they will compose this year’s commissioned concert.  

The festival was visited by the Minister of Culture Trine Skei Grande, who spent the day visiting the festival area and gave the official opening speech from the main stage on Thursday evening.

We have been informed that an event called "Stream - Riddu Riddu Festivala 2018 (LIVE) Stream Online" has been made under a site called "Music festival" on Facebook.

BUFO film company is looking for actors in a movie named Memory of Water. This is a film adaptation by Emmi Itäranta's novel Memory of Water.  The film is directed by Saara Saarela,

We Sámi are one people living in four countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. For the Riddu Riđđu Festival it is important to highlight the variations and the community in Sápmi.

“Tyva Kyzy” (“Daughters of Tuva”) is the first and only women’s group in Tuva that performs all styles of Tuvan khoomei( known as throat-singing in english). This form of multiple tones harmonic singing has been practiced mostly by men and prohibited for women.

Riddu Riđđu, Nord-Troms Museum, The Norwegian Coastal Federation / Forbundet KYSTEN  and Arctandria / Tromsø Coastal group joins forces during this summer's Riddu Riđđu festival to show North-Norwegian coastal culture.


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Booking requests: *All program/booking inquiries to Riddu Riđđu 2020, should content LIVE videos and information regarding any Indigenous perspective. 

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