Riddu Riđđu Festivála aims to encourage artistic development amongst young Sámi artists and create a platform for them to reach national and international audience. 

Europe's largest Indigenous festival has hired Maria Løkvoll (29) as a new communications and festival coordinator starting on 1 May. Løkvoll is a Olmmávággi native and comes from the role of culture manager in Lebesby municipality.

Riddu Riđđu invites Sámi filmmakers and Indigenous filmmakers to submit films to the festival's short film program.

Ella Marie is a Sami artist and activist from Tana in Finnmark. Through seven years as the leading vocalist in the band ISÁK, she has been praised for her energetic stage personality and passionate delivery of yoik.

February 6th marks the Sámi National Day and Riddu Riđđu invites you to a family concert with the popular artist Manne. The event is held in collaboration with Center for Northern Peoples as part of a larger celebratory programme in Olmmáivággi, with events suitable for people of all ages.

Canadian Jeremy Dutcher will return to Norway after a fantastic concert at Riddu Riđđu in the summer of 2019. This time, the award-winning composer is ready to captivate the Oslo audience at Parkteatret on January 28th!

Just a few days ago, musician and actor Emil Kárlsen played concerts to full houses in Reykjavik during the renowned Iceland Airwaves festival.

If you are in Iceland 1.-4. November, you can experience Sámi pop, traditional joik, and electronic music at the renowned Iceland Airwaves festival. This is part of a new collaboration with Iceland Airwaves and Europe's largest Indigenous People's festival, Riddu Riđđu festivála.

Two months ago, visitors from all over the world came to Kåfjord municipality in Nord-Troms to take part in Europe's largest Indigenous Peoples festival.

Today we mark that it has been 700 days since the Supreme Court ruled that the concessions for windmills at Fosen were granted in violation of the state's human rights obligations.⁠

Erle Bårdsdatter Sæther will be the new producer at Riddu Riđđu!
- Like coming home, says the 28-year-old.

If you have taken a look at Riddu Riđđu's program for 2023, you may have noticed something new: namely the conversation series Lávvosáhka, simply translated to The conversation in the lávvu.

Vårt Hav Troms og Finnmark/Naturvernforbundet in Troms og Finnmark with support from the Center against Marine Litter announces collaboration with Riddu Riđđu, Europe's largest indigenous festival. Vårt Hav.

Riddu Riđđu festivála's Indigenous film program marks its 20th anniversary this year. The Urfilm program has a tradition of highlighting Indigenous filmmakers and films with an Indigenous theme, often in short film format.


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