Gabba confirmed for Riddu Riđđu 2024

This summer our festival audience will get to experience Gabba at Riddu Riđđu. Gabba is fronted by yoik master John André Eira, who brings his ancestral heritage and original compositions to Gabba's music, creating a sound that is both enchanting and captivating.

Their debut album came out in 2022 and was considered one of the best of the year. The album led to the band winning the highly renowned Norwegian music award Spelleman in 2022 in the category Traditional Music. The album mixes traditional music, blues, joik and mysticism.

Gabba is a Sámi band that seamlessly mixes traditional joik with influences from Norwegian folk music, americana and other world music. Their music is a reflection of the Sámi lifestyle, where each song transports the listener to the vast landscape of the Arctic region.

Festival leader Sajje Solbakk is super excited to announce Gabba for this summer's festival lineup:

"Gabba is one of today's most progressive bands in Sápmi. In their music, you get a whole buffet of musical mystery and skill. You will encounter traditional joik, rough guitar riffs and intricate bass lines. You feel the primal power melting in a spectrum from modern music to suggestive blues. The Riddu audience can only rejoice!”