ISÁK is made by Sámi Grand Prix winner, 19 year old Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen. Together with producer Daniel Eriksen and drummer Aleksander Kostopoulos they make a trio consisting of a fusion of joik, urban synth and a lyrical universe playfully combining English and Sami.

After winning Sámi Grand Prix (music contest) with the song «Luoddaearru», Ella Marie has been determined to build a solid foundation for a future career, and has been concerned with finding the right people for her to work with. The result became a band with a strong and supportive team backing them up.

Daniel has been based in London for the last eight years, and gives out his own music through Deadmou5’s record company. Through his studio, Flesh & Bones studios in Hackney / East London, Daniel has worked with artists like The Wombats, Slow Club, Biru Baby and Bendik. Aleksander is an experienced drummer, who in addition to an increased success with his band Pil & Bue has toured with artists like Mari Boine, Adjagas, Elle Marja and many more. Now they are all in on the cooperation ISÁK. 


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