Duolva Duottar


The Sami rapcore band Duolva Duottar from Kautokeino has built a strong reputation since they began playing together in 2007. Amongs other things, they reached the finals of “ Norske Talenter” in 2008, and managed to achieve mainstream success with Sami lyrics amongst the Norwegian-speaking audience in Norway.

Duolva Duottar consists of Ole Mahtte Hætta Gaup og Fred-Rene Buljo, who will bring a solid band with some of the best live musicians in Norway to Riddu Riđđu. In 2017 they will releasing their new album "Tundra Sound", and the album will have an exclusive pre-release at this year's Riddu Riđđu festival. "Tundra Sound" is described as an "eclectic form of indie rock and rap, with a twist of electro-house".


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