Ailu valle feat. Elle-Márjá


With political texts and a remarkable vocal technique, the Finnish rapper Ailu Valle has made a name. He raps about how Western way of living destroys nature and the livelihood of the Sami peoples. Live band Trio Boogiemen as well as the multi talented Elle- Márjá Eira joins him on stage.

Elle- Márjá Eira is an artist/film maker from Kautokeino, and is known as one of Sápmis greatest live artists. She is known to mesmerize the crowd with her personal music. Through the music, she tells personal stories from her background as a reindeer herder and she switches between improvisation and staging. Elle Márjá has received brilliant reviews both in Norway and abroad. Perhaps there will be a world premiere of a new song from Elle- Márjá Eira and Ailu Valle at this year’s festival!

Ailu Valle on the cooperation with Eira; Riddu Riđđu is one of my favourite festivals, I always become inspired there, both on stage, and as audience. When I played there in 2013, I met Elle Márjá for the first time, and we started talking about how cool it would be to make music together. Now it is finally gonna happen, where it all started”.


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