Opening of Mánáidfestivála - Family event

Children / youth

Welcome to the family show as part of Mánáidfestivála/Children's festival's program. The events take place on Lillescenen/Small stage Wednesday-Friday, and is open to everyone.

Album release and yoik workshop for children
In a recording from Luohteárkiiva - The Joike Archive at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway, Per Hætta explains how the yoik of the reindeer herd of the Márretnjárga district reflects the sound of the bells from the herd. You can hear this and a number of other different animal joiks from the archives in the new release "Luohtevuorkkás - Eliid luođit" or "From the joike archive - animal joik". The album will be released during the opening of the Mánáidfestivála!

Participants at Mánáidfestivála get a lesson in animal joik with Risten Anine Kvernmo Gaup.

Mini pow wow
Experience and have a go at Lakota dance with the Northern People of the Year. You don't want to miss this!

Let loose with Ánde in this year's BlimE! dance at Riddusletta. The song "Moai girde" comes in three Sámi languages, and we promise a great vibe!


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