TIFF presents: Slash/back



Some young girls in the Arctic village of Pangnirtung in Nunavut must summon courage, horror film knowledge and proud Inuit hunting traditions to escape bloodthirsty aliens.

The friends are hanging out on the longest day of the year while their parents are busy celebrating the summer solstice, when they suddenly stumble upon an alien invasion. These fearsome creatures kill animals and humans and take up residence in the dead bodies. But no messing with the girls from Pang! A wonderful mix of adventure, a dose of body horror, a dash of sci-fi, lo-fi monster effects and lots of charm in Nyla Innuksuk's entertaining debut feature film.

This film was handpicked and presented by young people for young people in the TIFF UNG programme, in addition to being shown in the Tromsø International Film Festival's popular side program Film from the North.

Age: 12+


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