Opening art exhibition: Duoldi čuoldin


To sit in silence to weave for oneself or turn to civil disobedience against the authorities. Both actions aim to preserve something that is close to our hearts.

The fight for land is also the fight for one's own culture. 

What happens to every weft you weave or every stitch you sow through the sealskin, when the battles are too many and the wounds don't have time to heal? This is Márjá Karlsen and Sofie Amondsen's declaration of love for the craft. 

Riddu sessions 2023:
In 2022, Márjá Karlsen was named Young Artist of the Year by the Riddu Riđđu Festivála and subsequently took part in Riddu sessions, the festival's own program for young Sámi artists.

This year's Riddu sessions is an art exhibition by Márjá Karlsen, in collaboration with Sofie Amondsen from Kalaallit Nunaat. Márja and Sofie are both young handicrafters who carry a knowledge of tradition that very few people of their age do. They work with traditional crafts, but are not afraid to challenge established norms.

Through Riddu sessions, the audience gets to know their love for the craft. 


Márjá Karlsen is a Sea Sámi artist and duojár. She works with traditional Sámi practices and is particularly interested in the rich language of duodji. Weaving with wool from Sápmi is her preferred material to work with. Storytelling is a central part of duodji and is also Karlsen's art practice. Her work is both a declaration of love to Sámi duodji, and a middle finger to the Nordic colonial states.

Sofie Amondsen is a handicrafter from Kalaallit Nunaat with a great love for sealskin. Amondsen has broad knowledge of processing several types of leather and is a central supervisor for other handicrafters in her local community. With the knowledge of traditional crafts in her luggage, she is a fearless handicrafter who is happy to experiment with new ways of making traditional crafts. She currently works as a subject manager in the Kittat sewing room at Kalaallit Nunaat.

Contributors: Máret Anne Sara, Inga Elisa Påve Idivuoma.


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