Golbma Jiena & Morit Elena Morit!


Riddu Riđđu Festivála´s talent initiative «Riddu sessions» has become a great success. The idea behind it that young Sami talents should have the opportunity to develop further. With help from established mentors, they will be stimulated to take on new exciting projects and directions. The talent initiative has become an established part of the program in cooperation with Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge Kulturnæringsstiftelse and Talent Norge.

Riddu sessions in 2016 consisted of the artists Katarina Barruk, Elina Mikalsen and Marja Mortensson. In January 2017, their first EP "Golbma Jiena" and music video were launched at Tromsø International Film Festival.

«Riddu sessions 2017» consists of the artists Anders Sunna and Inga-Wiktoria Påve. Both of them have previously been chosen as Riddu Riđđu Young Artist of the Year. Together they have made an animated film premiering at this year’s festival. The film is about Sápmi and the influence by the colonial power. The title is «Morit Elena Morit! (Wake up, Elena, wake up!). Mentor for the movie is Isak Gjertsen who has received awards for his work on several animation shorts and documentaries.





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