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Where dreams are forgotten – Kalalliit Nunaat
In a small South Greenlandic community, the local population is fighting a post-colonial battle between settlement and development. A battle where the youngest generation is often forgotten. The Greenlandic children's spokesperson describes the film as follows: "With the film, the director hits exactly where he needs to. The truth. And only by seeing it, can we act."

In a cold winter night Bräjhta and Aanta watch over the reindeer herd. When Bräjhta makes the fire too big, it upsets the Northern lights that sweeps the children away into an in-between void! With this film the producers and director want to strengthen Sámi children in their identity and language as well as sharing their philosophy as an Indigenous people to the world. The filmmakers hope to help children understand and respect Mother nature, including the animals and the invisible realms.

The short, animated film "GOEKSEGH" is produced by the Swedish company Bautafilm and co-produced by the Norwegian company Krystallplaneten based in Tromsø. The film is directed by Oskar Östergren Njajta.

The Clay She is made Of - Canada
The Clay She Is Made Of - is all in Kanyen'kehá:ka (Mohawk) with English subtitles and examines our origin story of Katsitsianékarens (Sky Woman) who fell from Sky World and was supported by the natural beings that came to become Turtle Island. The lessons of Sky Woman parallel that of my Mohawk mom: that we will fall through the sky - literally and metaphorically, that the natural world is here to support us, and that our job is to get down to the business of creating a new reality for ourselves and those around us. 

Muskoke return to Alabama - Canada
After 180 years and very few surviving speakers, the Muskoke people returned to their land and have started an ecovillage. They work with language and culture revitalization, natural construction and regenerative agriculture. The foundation is respect for the earth and the seven generations principle.

Whispers of Reindeer Milk - Sápmi
Whispers of Reindeer Milk is a Sámi short film by Mihkkal Hætta and Andreas Leonardsen. This film explores an alternative universe in Sápmi where they managed to remove the primordial knowledge from the colonists. The film's action is told through exciting, open, meditative, persistent images from different landscapes in Sápmi, and is a journey to and from these lands.


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