Workshop: Indigenous lens - 48 hours film project - open screening


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Join us in this border disrupting and ground breaking Indigenous filmmaking workshop. The workshop meets two times: On Thursday we meet to discuss Indigenous filmmaking, and we then plan our experimental short films to be produced at the festival in the next two days. On Saturday the short films we create will be screened open for all festival goers. 

All filmmaking styles are welcome here: documentaries, dance, storytelling, experimental film, or whatever you wish. There are no borders. A few playful points to use will be introduced.

We welcome all to join us, Indigenous and otherwise. Film editing experience is encouraged. If you can produce videos for TikTok you are good. A mobile phone and some experience is enough. Nothing fancy is necessary. This is play! Filmmaking will be done in groups. We will decide the groups in the workshop. Come alone or with a friend. You can also participate as a single short filmmaker.  

Join us for joy and creating as disruption! We hold intentional space for vulnerable storytelling. No one can tell your story but you. 

Short film projects language: Your choice (subtitles encouraged for accessibility)

Workshop co-facilitators:   
Kahstoserakwathe Paulette Moore, filmmaker, language revitaliser, storyteller, cultural preservationist, and enrolled member of Six Nations of the Grand River territory where she is based.

Torakas Mikalsen, one of the Riddu Riððu founders, language revitaliser, preserver of Sámi history, permaculturist, and fisherman.

Frances Ulman, former clinical psychologist from the current project called the USA, now living in Sápmi and Mongolia, a storyteller and whistleblower of the harms of the ongoing projects of colonization. These days she is most often found in conversation with other sacred healers or the spirits. Frances’ stories of the sacred and profane are shared on her podcast “Not All Spirits Are Jerks”, writings, and on YouTube. 

Thursday 13th of July 11:00 – 14:30 in Bálddalávut 
Friday 14th of July - filming 
Saturday 15th of July 15:30 – 17:30 in Bálddalávut

Workshop language: English.


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