Northern people of the year day

Northern people of the year

Riddu Riđđu is a gathering point for Indigenous cultures, a creative space where stories can be told. Each year Riddu Riđđu celebrates a different Indigenous people, and this year, we highlight the cultural expression of the Inuit from Greenland. Mask and drum dancing are only two of the many highlights in this year’s festival.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet artists and creators working in culture, music, handicrafts, and politics in Greenland. Each one is an important voice in the story of the Inuit, and of the wider Indigenous community here in the Global North.

Saturday 16 July will be Northern People's Day, and a special program will run from 14-16 highlighting our guests. The Inuit will also be hosting their own tupeq as well as a separate lávvu in the Riddu Siida, where guests can visit informally and take part in drop-in activities.

The Northern people of the year program is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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