"Under the green sky" - a conversation about Odd Marakatt Sivertsen's authorship


Meet author and visual artist Odd Marakatt Sivertsen in a conversation with Irene Larsen.

Odd Marakatt Sivertsen from Kåfjord uses his Sámi and Laestadian background as inspiration in his works. In 2008, he debuted as a writer with the autobiography Med havet i hånden. The book depicts a Laestadian upbringing in Lyngen characterized by pietistic traditions, but also a place where unity and the sense of community was strong. Marakatt Sivertsen is currently completing a novel about Birtavarre's mines. Marakatt Sivertsen is also an internationally renowned visual artist. His pictures have been exhibited in Aarhus, Karasjok, Sumiainen and Berlin, among other places.

Irene Larsen is a poet and teacher from Skjervøy municipality in North Troms. Her Sea Sámi background adds color to a contrast-filled and pictorial poetry about Northern Norwegian life in a historical, mythological and modern perspective. Since 2015, she has been employed in teacher education at Tromsø Arctic University. She has also taken on assignments for Den kulturelle skolesekken. Larsen's poetry is influencedby Sámi culture, everyday life and mythology, in interaction with modern, urban and global elements.


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