Sámi Parliament election 2021


Young in Sápmi - your voice for the future

The election debate on the Sámi Parliamentary election focuses on how the Sámi Parliament affects your everyday life, and how you can influence our future through your vote. We invite different political parties to share what they stand for, and discuss what sets them apart from other parties. We will cover topics that are central to Sámi youth: Language, school and education and climate.

Debate leaders for NRK Sápmi are Berit Solveig Gaup and Sajje Solbakk. Producer is Per Inge Anthi Åsen.


If you would like to listen to the simultaneous interpretation of the meeting, please follow these steps:
1. Download the Interactio app from the Apple Store or Google Play store or access the
web app at app.interactio.io;
2. Enter the event code valg2021;
3. Alternatively, you can access the event by clicking this link;
4. Plugin your headphones;
5. Open the App and select the language channel;
6. Enjoy the event


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