Emil Kárlsen (solo)


Though only 23 years old, Emil Kárlsen is already an accomplished musician, songwriter, producer, artist and actor. His debut album «Nagirvárrái» includes collaborations with the Arctic Philharmonic and notable Indigenous artists such as Lávre, Katarina Barruk and Hilda Länsman, as well as guest appearances by Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen of the band ISÁK and Áidna.

In 2019, Emil Kárlsen was named Young Artist of the Year by Riddu Riđđu Festivála and was subsequently included in Riddu Sessions, the festival's own program for young Sámi artists. Now, the artist from Omasvuotna / Storfjord in Sápmi is set to conquer the stage with very special solo concert.


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