Mustafa x Elle Máijá


Riddu Riđđu presents a new musical collaboration between Asker’s Mustafa Hasan and Sápmi’s Elle Máijá Klefstad Bær.

Mustafa Hasan’s hard-hitting lyrics hold little back, telling of his experience battling with UDI (Department of Immigration) and UNE (Immigration Appeals Board). In 2008, 6 year old Mustafa arrived in Norway with his family. His application to immigrate was denied years later however, due to misinformation given on the original application. As he appealed the decision, his case highlighted the realities faced by long-term asylumseeker children, and his story was the subject of the award-winning NRK series, Uønsket (“Unwanted”). This year, Mustafa was finally granted Norwegian residency. Throughout the years of uncertainty, Mustafa’s music became – and continues to be – a valuable means of expression.

Elle Máijá Klefstad Bær, a guitarist and vocalist from Karasjok, has been making a name for herself in Sámi music since her teens. Today she’s best known as guitarist for Rolffa, and has also worked with Mari Boine and been involved in other musical projects, including Bitches Brew and Dolvot, the Sámi songwriting camp. This past year has seen her working on her first solo project, incorporating both yoik and singing in North Sámi.



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