Emil Kárlsen


Emil Kárlsen has in an impressively short time become a household name in Northern Norway. In 2019, he was appointed Young Artist of the Year by Riddu Riđđu, and since then the artist has played at the festival both as part of the former band Resirkulert and as a solo artist - always to the great excitement of his audience.

Emil Kárlsen writes music in Northern Sámi, but with a sound you haven't heard from Sápmi before: a modern band foundation with melodic vocals and poetic lyrics, wrapped in classical strings and dizzying sonic universes. Despite his 25 years, Kárlsen has already distinguished himself as a musician, songwriter, producer, artist and actor. His debut album "Nagirvárrái" contains collaborations with both the Arctic Philharmonic and renowned Sámi artists such as Lávre, Katarina Barruk, and Hildá Länsman, in addition to guest appearances by Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen (from ISÁK) and Áidna.


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