Shepherds Reign


NB! The concert starts at 00:00. 

Are you ready to experience pure rawness from the main stage? The metal band Shepherds Reign is ready to give you a crazy show! 

The band from Auckland in Aotearoa (New Zealand) with Polynesian blood is not coming to the festival site to play games. For them, the band is life itself and playing music is what they were put on this planet to do. Their music is powerful and towering, with a fierce and dynamic metal sound. 

Shepherds Reign really come into their own as a live band, seamlessly weaving Polynesian culture and pride into their live show. The combination of a wild stage presence combined with extreme riffs and hard-hitting melodies is the recipe for a night you won't forget. 

Whether you already are a convinced metalhead or not, Shepherds Reign is a display of passion and raw talent that we wish everyone to experience. Now is your chance, and you shouldn't miss it! 



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