Sondre Justad

Sondre Justad entered the norwegian music industry with a boom the summer of 2013 when he released the singel «Nu har du mæ(Now you´ve got me)». Since then it has been a steady rise to stardom for the young musician from Lofoten. Sold out concerts and hundreds of hours of radio time shows that Justad has established himself as a pop artists to recon with in the future. The pop comet is known for his open hearted north-Norwegian lyrics and recently released the album “Riv i hjertet” (ripping heart) that received good reviews. Sondre Justads is excited to play Riddu Riđđu, and reveals an interest in Sami culture: «Incredibly proud to be playing Riddu! I´ve always been fascinated by the Sami culture, and even got in touch with Frode Fjellheim in 2008 because I wanted to learn how to yoik. We never managed to find time, but hopefully some day! Festival director Karoline Trollvik says Sondre Justad delivers joyfull and energetic pop music. «It´s kind of like how Riddu Riđđu feels right now; like a fit 25- year old full of energy and enthusiasm!»

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