Mari Boine


The first time musical icon Mari Boine took the stage in Kåfjord was in 1989, and since then she has performed a number of times at Riddu Riđđu. The beloved artist has previously stated that it feels like coming home when she comes to Kåfjord.

When Mari Boine debuted as an artist in the early 80s, rage was her driving force. Since then, she has inspired Indigenous artists worldwide to fight against oppression, colonization and injustice.

"By telling my own personal history as a Sámi, I feel that I am sharing a part of my people's history" says Mari Boine.

Mari Boine's music is firmly attached to Sámi cultural heritage, and at the same time she draws inspiration from a number of different cultures and genres. Traditional and new music are mixed with jazz, folk music, rock and pop. Her productions are internationally recognized, and she has received a number of awards for her work. In 2018, she received Spellemann's Honorary Award, Norway's equivalent to the Grammy's.


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