Club Lávvu: Nagirčalmmiid


NB! Concert starts at 01:00.

Nagirčalmmiid (With Sleepy Eyes) is a result of the deadly boredom that followed with covid-19, spring 2020. When life is heavy, you write even heavier music. The style was doom-metal, but done in their own way. Here, everything goes from heavy and tough riffs, blast beats, melancholic chords with a sprinkling of post-hardcore, punk's speed and tasteful joik topped with noise.

In 2020 they released a self-titled EP, and in 2022 came the single "Suoivva". They themselves describe the concerts as "two punks who happen to play doom". They are currently finalizing their debut album titled "Down To The Bone", which the audience can look forward to listening to at Riddusletta!

Club Lávvu is a collaboration with IDJA - Sámi Club Night.


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