Children's festival

Children / youth

The children's festival runs from Monday to Wednesday, with a program that is full of exciting activities for children of all ages.

Horseback riding, lasso throwing, handicraft, yoik, theatre, knocking stockfish, workshop on children’s rights, making masks and storytelling for children between 3 and 10.

Children ages 10-13 have their own programme with handicraft, yoik, making of a jielli (stand for stockfish) and paddeling.

Every afternoon at 15:30 we end the day with a family friendly show on the Small stage.

The Children's festival is an offer for children from 3 to 13 years. The children are divided into age appropriate groups, with a separate group for Sámi-speaking children.

NB! This year there are separate tickets that only apply to the Children's festival. It is possible to buy a ticket for a single day or all three days. When you buy a ticket, you will receive a form with information about the child that must be filled out and returned. If you have bought a ticket, the child has a guaranteed place for the children's festival!

T-shirt and lunch for the kids are included in the ticket cost. Caretakers can accompany the children for free, also at family shows.

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