The Buošši Award


Riddu Riđđu and the Center of Northern Peoples will present the inaugural Buošši Award at this year’s festival to recognize an individual, team, or organization who has increased Sea Sámi language and culture visibilty through their activities or by being a positive role model.

In North Troms, the term buošši refers to someone who is capable, enthusiastic, and dedicated.

Riddu Riđđu Director Sandra Márjá West is proud to announce the new cultural award:

“There are so many people who have been influential and integral in the revitalization of Sea Sámi language and culture, and we want to highlight them and their efforts. Although there are already a great many awards in the world, the greatest honour is to be recognized and appreciated by your own people. We hope that the Buošši Award will further encourage the many passionate individuals [SC2] committed to the future of our people while celebrating our Sea Sámi history.”

Svein O. Leiros, General Manager for the Center of Northern Peoples, is also eager to honour the region’s important cultural actors:

“We’re extremely excited to have created this award in collaboration with Riddu Riđđu Festivála. It’s important to highlight our Sea Sámi cultural heritage, and it’s a thrill to be able to honour the award recipient at Riddu Riđđu itself, the pride of the Sea Sámi.”


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