Artist conversation: Sexy Sápmi


Welcome to a conversation with artists on this year's art exhibition: Breaking the silence: Sexy Sápmi.

Panelists: Ellen Berit Dalbakk, Ole-Henrik Bjørkmo Lifjell, Ingunn Eriksen, Dávvet Bruun-Solbakk.

At the same time as there are strong norms for silence in Sápmi, we live in a time where there is more and more open and public talk about the body, gender and sexuality. Riddu Riđđu wants to support this development and contribute to a more open conversation on these important topics. How do we move forward as a society? What attitudes do we want to pass on to today's youth and future generations?

For the conversation to be meaningful, we must take our own culture as our starting point and take our history into account.

This year's exhibition at Riddu Riđđu examines the relationship to our bodies, gender and sexuality from a Sámi perspective. The exhibition shows works by artists who approach the themes in different ways and through different media.

Jaskatvuođa maŋŋá: Sexy Sápmi is a collaboration between Riddu Riđđu and the Center for Northern Peoples. The exhibition is produced by Ellen Berit Dalbakk and is funded by the Nordic Cultural Contact and Troms and Finnmark County.

Exhibition opening hours:

Thursday: 13-18
Friday: 12-18
Saturday: 12-18

The performance is shown in the Culture hall. This year you have to book a seat in advance, which can be done as of Monday in the festival week. Everyone who has bought a ticket will receive information about this by e-mail.


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