The whole world to Sápmi

An otherwise winter-quiet Riddu plain comes to life when representatives from the international music industry come to visit for an introduction to the Sámi art scene. Between 25-30 November, Riddu Riđđu's international delegate program will take place for the second year in a row.

The delegate program is being carried out this year in collaboration with Dáiddadállu/Artists Collective. The program starts in Guovdageaidnu with panel discussions on booking indigenous artists and international indigenous art networks, to mention some. There will also be presentations by Sámi art institutions.

Riddu Riđđu then invites the delegates to a broad program of panel discussions, concerts, lectures and film screening in Olmmáivággi. Here, too, the delegates will get to know some of Sápmi's most exciting artists such as Emil Kárlsen and Timimie Märak, through panel discussions and performances. The delegates are cultural organizers from, among others, Greenland, Estonia, Burkina Faso, Taiwan and Canada.

The delegates will also have the opportunity to participate in activities such as dog sledding, fishing trips and a visit to the art exhibition "Møter - Encounters - Deaivvadit - Kohtaamissii" at Nord-Troms Museum.

1 million for the international delegate programme
In November 2020, it became clear that Riddu Riđđu Festivála receives NOK 1 million a year for three years to run an international delegate programme. The program will make it possible for international organizers to become familiar with activity in the Sámi art field, and contribute to more Sámi artists being booked by international organizers. In autumn 2021, Riddu Riđđu held its first delegate program to great success.

Festival director Sajje Solbakk is looking forward to welcoming this year's delegates:
- The delegates will have a journey through parts of Sápmi: from Guovdageaidnu inland, all the way to the coast and the Sea Sámi village of Olmmáivággi. We look forward to showing international delegates what Sápmi has to offer!