Riddu Riđđu festival kick-off

Riddu Riđđu hereby invites you to the festival kick-off party! We are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year, and would like to give you a taste of upcoming, joyous festival days in Kåfjord.

Emil Kárlsen, the Sea Sámi artist from Storfjord, will join us with his band.
The Sámi DJ collective Article 3 will play catchy Indigenous music.
Our partners at Norske kokkers landsforening Troms will present a selection from this year's festival menu.
Trine Lise presents some of the up and coming talents from stand-up-project Reaškkas.

Date: Friday, May 7th
Time: 5 pm-10 pm
Location: Storgata Camping, Tromsø

Free entrance! Age limit: 18 years.
PS. Should the Government allow drinking after 22.00, we are prepared to party longer.