Rap and heavy rock at Riddu in 2021

Ailu Valle and Amoc reunite with live band Trio Boogiemen for a powerful rap and heavy rock concert at the Riddu Riđđu festival in 2021. The artists will soon release a brand new album following collaboration with superproducers Uyarakq and Juan Muteniac.

Fans of Riddu Riđđu can look forward to a set list with new songs in addition to well-known bangers, brought to life on the festival grounds by Ailu Valle and Amoc together with Trio Boogiemen consisting of Oula Guttorm, Juho Kiviniemi and Patrik Fält.

Rap artist Ailu Valle has become well known for his unique musical expression where hip hop and the North Sami language are central. Valle has released three solo albums and been involved in many different projects. In 2020, he was awarded the prize for best songwriter / composer during the Sami Music Awards.

Amoc is the first artist to rap in Inari Sami and has delivered raw rap music for over 20 years. He describes his genre as horror rap, and is known for creating a musical universe with songs inspired by Sami mythology and spooky creatures.

Riddu Riđđu festival director, Sandra Márjá West, is excited about the release:

«Ailu Valle and Amoc are two artists who have meant a lot to Sami rap, and are pioneers in two different Sami languages. They always deliver fantastic concerts and I look forward to seeing them at Riddu Lávdi!"

NB! Pre-purchased tickets will be refunded if the festival is canceled.