Luohti, Telecaster and a mysterious lyrical world on Riddu Riđđu

He has played for Queen Sonja of Norway during the opening of the Sámi pavilion at the Venice Biennale last year, and played for Riddu Riđđu's audience several times with other people's projects. This summer, Lávre returns with his own project, promising fresh material from his long-awaited debut album. 

Lávre is a young Sami artist, yoiker and musician from Guovdageaidnu. Together with an all-star team of renowned musicians and an exciting visual show, Lávre explores new impulses in the Sámi music world.

Lávre has been successful with his music in recent years. In 2021 he won the Sámi Grand Prix alongside Hildá Länsman, and in the same year the critically acclaimed collaborative album "Nagirvárrái" with Emil Kárlsen was released. Now Lávre is headed to Riddu Riđđu to create a magical atmosphere of wonder and musical exploration. 

The concert is a first taste of the debut album that will be released in the autumn, and is a journey through things that are often hidden away from the surface, both for oneself and in the Sámi culture. The lyrics reveal the thoughts and intuitions of a searching young man, and are based on the rich metaphorical lyrics found in old yoiks. The music is a collection of newly composed joiks, joik songs and versions of traditional joik.

Tickets for Riddu Riđđu festivála 2023 are now on sale on The festival has already announced Ana Tijoux, Resirkulert, Katarina Barruk and Manne for this summer's program.