Fan favorites Felgen Orkester to Riddu Riđđu

Felgen Orkester are coming to Riddu Riđđu this summer. They will replace A Tribe Called Red after the group had to postpone their concert.

Felgen Orkester released the album Čuđit in February. The Karasjok group's fourth album is more political and personal than their previous material. 

Festival director Sandra Márjá West is pleased with the booking:

“I like the new expression of Felgen Orkester. They have maintained the good vibes from previous songs, but have moved thematically in a more personal and political direction. For young adults in Sea Sámi areas, Felgen Orkester's music has helped them reconnect with their Sámi identity.”

A Tribe Called Red were scheduled to play at this summer's festival. However, due to quarantine rules for travel from Canada to Norway, their concert has been moved to Riddu Riđđu 2022. The Canadian indigenous group will then play under their new band name The Halluci Nation.

-Of course it's dissappointing that we have to postpone A Tribe Called Red's concert, but that's the world right now and we have to make the best of it, says the festival director.

The lineup at this summer's anniversary festival will thus be entirely Sámi, including, amongst others, ISÁK, Emil Kárlsen and Lávre with friends, Amoc + Ailu Valle, Gájanas and Katarina Barruk.