Exciting lineup news from Riddu Riđđu

In December of last year, Riddu Riđđu surprised its audience with two artist releases for 2021's festival program. The latest additions to Riddu Riđđu's upcoming lineup is Katarina Barruk and Gájanas - both Sami acts, representing different musical genres.

Katarina Barruk is one of Sápmi's most popular vocalists, known for her atmospheric pop music that combines yoik and Ume Sami lyrics. Barruk has played over 100 concerts in major European countries, and has captivated Riddu's audience on several occasions. In June 2020, she played a concert for Riddu's Stream Sápmi series. Barruk is currently working on her second album, and fans can look forward to enjoying both old and new favorites at Riddu Riđđu this summer.

Gájanas (echo) plays progressive folk rock where Sami joik tradition intertwines with the colourful present. The dialogue between tradition and reformation, global influences, strong connection to nature create the unique world of Gájanas. A debut album will be released in 2021. Gájanas' members represent a wide range of Sami culture - originating from Utsjoki, Inari, Åland and America.

Festival director in Riddu Riđđu, Sandra Márjá West, is pleased with this year's first artist release:
-Sápmi is full of exciting artists representing different genres. It is incredibly cool to have so many amazing artists in the region, and it has been a joy to put together the program for our anniversary year. I'm looking forward to going to a concert with Sami artists again, and it's great that both Gájanas and Katarina Barruk have spent the last year writing new music.

NB! Pre-purchased tickets will be refunded if the festival is canceled.