Emil Kárlsen is headlining Riddu Riđđu

In 2019, Emil Kárlsen was named Young Artist of the Year by Riddu Riđđu Festivála and was subsequently included in Riddu Sessions, the festival's own program for young Sámi artists. Now, the artist from Omasvuotna / Storfjord is set to headline the Indigenous People's festival with his upcoming debut album Nagirvárrái.

Emil Kárlsen will take Riddu Riđđu's main stage as one of the headliners. Despite his young age, Emil Kárlsen is an accomplished artist, songwriter, producer and artist. After seven years as a songwriter and frontman in the band Resirkulert, Nagirvárrái marks Emil Kárlsen's first album as a solo artist.

Emil Kárlsen sings in Northern Sámi and presents a unique soundscape not yet heard in Sápmi before: A soundscape colored by classical strings with hints of alternative jazz and country. On headlining Riddu Riđđu this summer, Emil says:

- It's a childhood dream coming true, and I'm going to pull out all the stops!

Like so many other Sea Sámi people, Emil and his family have reclaimed their Sámi heritage and identity. When he now makes his record debut as a solo artist, it is the dream of ​​an album in the Sámi language that is realized. Several of the songs on the album have been created through collaborations with the Arctic Philharmonic, Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen, and the up-and-coming artist Lávre, to mention a few.

Riddu Riđđu festival director, Sandra Márjá West, is proud to announce Emil Kárlsen as headliner at this summer's anniversary festival:

- It feels great to present Emil Kárlsen as headliner at Riddu Riđđu. I first met him when he was on Riddu Nuorat, our youth program, several years ago. He yoiks and speaks Sámi with a conviction that moves me. It is cool that we have artists and role models like him in the Lyngenfjord, and I am proud of the journey he has made to write lyrics in Sámi.