Ella Marie will have her solo debut at Riddu Riđđu

Ella Marie is a Sami artist and activist from Tana in Finnmark. Through seven years as the leading vocalist in the band ISÁK, she has been praised for her energetic stage personality and passionate delivery of yoik. She has now decided to go solo, and her debut concert will be at Riddu Riđđu festivála in July.

Ella Marie had her national breakthrough in 2018, when she won the Norwegian talent show "Stjernekamp". She has since used her platform to fight for Sámi rights, and through a year-long effort to protect Sámi lands has been recognized as one of the leading activists and rights defenders in Norway today. Although Ella Marie's music carries clear messages about the Norwegianisation of the Sámi people and mourning the loss of culture, her music is also a celebration of strong Sámi resilience and unity.

With ISÁK, Ella Marie has played several concerts at Riddu Riđđu, and she has long since achieved star status with the festival audience in Olmmáivággi. The popular artist is looking forward to the summer:

- I am so incredibly grateful to be able to debut as a solo artist on a stage that means so much to me. I have so many great memories from Riddu Riđđu, both as an audience member, as a volunteer and, of course, as an artist. When I am now going to introduce myself as a solo artist, it feels absolutely right to do so in Sápmi, and at a festival which for a number of years has highlighted Sámi voices. I look forward to it so much! Says Ella Marie.

In poetic and ground-breaking ways, Ella Marie puts words and tones to the painful feelings many Indigenous People carry, in an attempt to release some of the pain. In this way, Ella Marie invites her audience into a personal and safe space, where pride in the rich Sámi cultural heritage is in focus.

Festival director Sajje Solbakk has been looking forward to the announcement for a long time:

Ella Marie has distinguished herself as one of Sápmi's clearest and most important voices - both with her music and activism. This is an exclusive booking and we are so, so happy to share that Ella Marie's very first concert as a solo artist will be at Riddu Riđđu. It is going to be very special to experience Ella Marie's brand new material in the world's most beautiful surroundings!

From before, Sámi artists Mari Boine and Emil Kárlsen have been confirmed for the festival program this summer.