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Mánáidfestivála is fully booked!

Play and Festival are this year’s children's festival themes! Theater Álo and Riddu Bargi will be there to give guidance as the children explore everything a Sea Sámi summer festival has to offer: exciting adventures, Sámi and Inuit toys, and making friends with other children in Sámi. The Mánáidfestivála caters to two age groups this year. For those aged 3 to 10 years, we have special activities for children and parents to try something new while learning Sámi words. For the 10 to 13 year olds, their own mini festival – including their own Riddu campsite! – and an opportunity to work together to create something for everyone to enjoy! 

Riddu Riđđu does prioritize Sámi language, but also emphasizes multilingualism throughout the festival. Please note which languages your child speaks when you register to help us organize the activity groups.

The program each day is largely the same, with only minor variations, running 10.00-15.30. There is lunch provided at 12.30-13.15, and a small family show 13.15-13.45. If your child attends all three days, they will be able to participate in all activities. All children receive lunch and a t-shirt.


Coastal Sámi games, play with seashells, make mearrarávga (duodji), make masks, making of wool cloth, activities in lávvu, drum dance, mask dance, stock fish knocking, horse riding, make logs, stories.

Maximum capacity: 120 children per day. Note that this usually reaches capacity early!


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