ISÁK and A Tribe Called Red to Riddu Riđđu in 2021

Ticket sales for next year's Riddu Riđđu festival have opened, and the first 100 festival passes are sold at a discounted price. When the festival kicks off in the anniversary year of 2021, audience favorites ISÁK and A Tribe Called Red are ready to light up the stage.

The band ISÁK are set to release a new album in 2021. Lucky for Riddu Riđđu, they will also be coming to next year's festival. ISÀK are famous for their outstanding stage performances and sky-high energy levels. Last time they visited Riddu Riđđu, ISÁK gave its audience an unforgettable show. Riddu Riđđu is excited for the group to return to Gáivuotna and take part in the festival's 30th anniversary celebration. The music combines yoik and urban synth, with a lyrical message that is conveyed in both Sami and English.

Canadian indigenous group A Tribe Called Red are known for their unique artistic expression which draws on traditional and modern indigenous music. The duo describe their music as a mix between modern hip-hop, traditional pow wow drums and vocals, produced in edgy electronica style. Last time ATCR visited Riddu Riđđu, they created a magical atmosphere involving epic ring dancing and visual effects. Seven years after the much-talked-about performance, ATCR are once again throwing a party for the Riddu-audience.

Festival director Sandra Márjá West is pleased with the first artist release for next year's festival:

“Riddu Riđđu turns 30 years in 2021 and it is a pleasure to invite two of the Riddu-people's favorite artists back to celebrate the festival. ISÁK is an example of young Sami being proud of who they are, and that they have something to report. This was the motivation for starting Riddu Riđđu - the people here wanted young Sami to be proud of who they are."

NB! Pre-purchased tickets will be refunded if the festival is canceled.