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Seminar: What is the next breakthrough for the rights to land and water?

There are many battles for the right to land and water in Sápmi - in Repparfjord, Gállok, in Fovsen on Øyfjellet and…

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Seminar: Safe(r) spaces for LGBTQIA2s+-sámis

LGBTQIA2s+-Sámis are a minority in the minority, and many experience double discrimination. Queer Sámis have become…

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Seminar: Sápmi at the world's largest art exhibition - what now?

The Sámi Pavilion at the Venice Biennale is a milestone in visibility for Sámi art in the world. What are we left with…

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UiT-seminar: a Sámi teacher crisis?

Sámi languages ​​are on UNESCO's endangered list. This applies to Lule Sámi, South Sámi and Northern Sámi. One of the…

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A Conversation with Young Artist of the Year

Join Márjá Karlsen, Riddu Riđđu’s Young Artist of the Year, in a conversation about her creative practice. This is an…

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The Nordlys seminar: Hate speech against the Sámi people

Two out of five young Sámis experience hate speech several times a year. There are regular stories of harassment and…

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