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Glade frivillige i info-boden vår! Foto: Jens-Kristian Nilsen


  • As our volunteer you must work minimum 16 hours to get a free festivalpass. 
  • If you want to work before Thursday in the festivalweek or after the festival you have to work 18 hours.
  • As our volunteer you must be over 16 years old. 

The voluntary process:

  • Our volunteer coordinator will contact you during May/June, to inform you of your given volunteer area and your shift schedule. You will also get more detailed information closer to the festival.
  • An info-meeting will be held for volunteers on Wednesday 11 July. Theme is practical information about your volunteering, and you will get to know the volunteer team and the festival better.
  • Volunteers need to register at the volunteer check-in good time in advance of their first shift. The volunteer check-in is located right next to the festival entrance.

Practical info:

  • When you prepare you festival essentials, remember to bring warm clothes and comfortable shoes for sun, rain and a lot of walking.  
  • Bring your own tent. It's free camping on our campsites. 
  • You get free showers when you have your volunteer shirt on.
  • Closing party for staff and volunteers on Sunday evening. You will get more information about this.