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Riddu market 2019


Foto: Arne-Terje Sæther
Foto: Arne-Terje Sæther

Riddu market 2019

Information about the Riddu Riđđu Market: 

  • The sale starts Thursday 11. of July and ends Saturday night 13. of July.
  • Our market is based on a Sámi and an indigenous profile, as crafts, duodjji of different kinds, local food and organic products.
  • Our market is not a place for mass-produced products.
  • It is not allowed to have an ad market stall or conducting political election campaign on the market area.
  • It is not allowed with sale from cars og «Party-tents».
  • The price for rent of market stall includes festival pass for 1 person.
  • Market sellers must apply for market Stall within May 7th 2019. 
  • If you have any questions, please contact Magne at +47 9288 7303 or [email protected]

Prices for rent of market stall. All prices are included vat. 

  • Small (2,5 meters): 1 900 NOK 
  • Medium: (5 meters):  2400 NOK 
  • Large: (10 meters) 2900 NOK 
  • Table: 150 NOK 
  • Electricity: 250 NOK

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