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Volunteer areas

Volunteer areas

The Children's festival: Riddu Riđđu has a great children's festival with different activities, performances and concerts for children between 3-13 years. Here we need volunteers who like to be with children and help them in their activities so that they get a safe and enjoyable experience. It's required to have a valid Norwegian Police certificate of conduct to volunteer at our children's festival.

Information: When volunteering with information work you may be the first experience our audience have at the festival, so it is important that you carry a big smile and have a great service attitude. The work consists of guiding and informing our guests and audience in case of confusion/questions. This area is particularly suitable for people who have some previous knowledge of Riddu Riđđu and the area we are located within.

Recycling: Riddu Riđđu is certified as an environmental certified festival in Norwegian context. The volunteers who work with recycling have a specific responsibility to make sure our festival audience and guests recycle according to the right guidelines and that it is properly facilitated for it. A part of the job is also to make sure the festival area is kept tidy and clean. This is a shift where you go around the entire festival area, so you'll see a lot of what's going on at the festival, and in the evening you'll see a lot of the concerts. 

Rig: There is a lot of preparations and rigging necessary in order to set up the festival venue, including tents and other equipment. We need many helping hands to make the area ready. If you happen to have some carpenter skills it`s a huge advantage but not a necessity.

Kiosk/kafé: We have several food sale areas, including kiosk and kafé. It will be an advantage if you have some cashier experience, but you will be given basic training if necessary. Suitable for positive, organised and service minded people. 

Safety: As a volunteer within the security area your main responsibility is to look after our festival audience and guests, and make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. We need sturdy people who can do day shifts or night shifts. Are you a helpful,patient and flexible person, with a reassuring smile ready in every situation this job will suit you perfectly.

Equipment booth/shower facilities:  The equipment booth is where we store all equipment that might be needed before, during and after the festival. We need responsible and tidy people who can help keep the booth in order and make sure people register and deliver back everything that are borrowed. You will also accept tickets and assist the shower facilities. This is easy work and will be short shifts.

Volunteer host: A vaffle a day keeps the doctor away! We need people who can take extra good care of our heros; the volunteers! Your task will to make sure all the volunteers are enjoying their work, are fed and contribute to happy atmosphere amongst the volunteers.

Accreditation/tickets: Your job in accreditation will be to welcome and register press, guests etc. who are registered for the festival.  In the Ticket booth you will handle guests who will buy tickets or exchange tickets for festival bracelets. We need people who are good with computers systems, and who are service minded. If you are a smiley people-person you will be perfect in this area!

Food production: Tasks include food production, preparation and serving. You will get basic training necessary. At times it will be hectic and we seek people who can work at a fast pace with a big smile on their face.

Bar staff: Tasks include to tap and serve beer, wine and soda. You must be 18 years of age, or older to work in the bar. 

Photo/film: We want to document the unique Riddu-atmosphere. Therefore, we need persons who loves to use a camera to bring out the best expressions. Several of those who started as a volunteer photographer at Riddu Riđđu have received a lot of recognition afterwards.