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Foto: Ørjan Bertelsen
Senter for nordlige folk, foto Ørjan Bertelsen

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Booking: Please send inquiries/tips to the program content (music, seminar, film, work-shop, theatre, dance, performance, literature, art etc.) to: [email protected] All program/booking inquiries to Riddu Riđđu 2019, should content LIVE videos and information regarding any indigenous perspective. We get many requests and unfortunately we can’t answer them all – we’ll contact you if what you’re sending might something for us! Requests for booking for Riddu Riđđu 2019 should be sent to us within October 2018. 


Riddu Riđđu Festivála, Center for Northern people, NO-9144 Samuelsberg, Norway, 

tlf.  +47 971 39 493, email: [email protected]

Festival director: 

Sandra Márjá West, tlf. + 47 93408355, s[email protected]

Finance & Administration: 

Magne Wilhelmsen, tlf +47 928 87 303, [email protected]

Festival producer: 

Alice Jektevik;  +47 926 00 093 [email protected] 

Festival coordinator: 

Åshild Birkeland: tlf.  +47 408 73079, [email protected]

Chairman of  board:

Christina Henriksen, phone + 47 909 19131 [email protected]