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About the festival


Foto: Andreas Kalvig-Anderson

About the festival

Riddu Riđđu Festivàla, which means “little storm on the coast” in Sami language, is an international indigenous festival that takes place in July each year in the coastal Sami Gáivuotna - Kåfjord municipality in Northern Troms, in Norway. Through 25 years, the festival has worked to establish and strenghten proudness in Sami culture. The festival has an indigenous profile and in 2009 it gained national status as a key festival in Norway.

The festival has grown to become one of the most significant international indigenous festivals in Europe. The festival has a focus on Sámi and Indigenous people’s art and culture with a diverse program for children, youth and adults; like music, films, seminars, work-shops, art, literature and theatre.

Riddu Riđđu 2017 is held 12.-16. of July.